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I am Jack's kaleidoscope

Best viewed in motion, with light.

2/21/26 06:36 pm

Most of my entries are friends only. This is not because they are full of secrets. I'm not really sure why it is. Regardless, if you are reading this journal and you are not on my friends list, you're not seeing most of what I post. If you want to read the rest (which does include some things that are f-locked for a reason I know & could state, if asked), you'll have to tell me. If I have some idea of who you are, think you aren't creepy or untrustworthy, and especially if I enjoy reading your journal, I'll happily add you to the list. La di da.

4/11/11 12:54 pm - More blooms.

More blooms. by Elf Owl
More blooms., a photo by Elf Owl on Flickr.

One lovely benefit of my seasonal position at the Botanical Gardens is eating lunch outside, surrounded by beauty.

11/4/10 12:00 pm - Breast cancer walk in 1 week.

One week from today, yonica and I will be heading up to Phoenix for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. I have $340 more to raise to reach my fund raising goal. Can you help?


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9/27/09 11:22 am - An interesting video about the Japanese population problem.


6/5/09 04:44 pm - 4June2009, Day 147

4June2009, Day 147
Originally uploaded by Elf Owl
Monsoons approach. I can hardly wait.

3/31/09 06:23 pm - Thanks, Desultorie!

2/26/09 10:33 am - Furniture needs new home(s).

I'm moving this weekend and still have a few pieces of furniture to re-home. I had really good yard sale success both times, so thanks a bunch to those of you who came. <3

craigslist ads re: furniture (though you can respond here instead if you want, I'll screen comments in case you want stuff so you can give me contact info to arrange logistics) here:

Dresser - http://tucson.craigslist.org/fuo/1051486268.html
Sectional Couch - http://tucson.craigslist.org/fuo/1051496371.html
Blue velveteen couch - http://tucson.craigslist.org/fuo/1051503161.html

2/14/09 08:18 am - Valentine.

2/6/09 05:26 pm - MASSIVE AWESOME YARD SALE!

I'm having a MASSIVE yard sale, getting rid of most of my stuff! I'm moving in with a friend temporarily before moving across the country, so I am paring down a lot.

furniture (couches, bookshelves, those hexagonal little tables with doors so you can store stuff in 'em, wire squares that make cubes, small shelves, wine rack, comfy corduroy chair, some little shoe rack dealies, small computer desk, a kitchen table and chairs, etc.), Garbage Pail Kids stickers, unused postcards and blank greeting cards, clothes, shoes, jewelry, stuffed Octopus (actually a pentapus - 5 legs) from Ikea, random art supplies, pillows, a cute little lamp, Roomba, shoes, 4 cup coffee maker and filters, dishes and silverware, purses, CDs, some fridge magnets, twin sized sheets used only for therapeutic massage, a bottle of massage oil, some games, blender, microwave, other kitchen implements, some books, plastic storage drawer things, Old National Geographics (some cut a bit for collage, some whole), a black costume wig, stryofoam wig heads, some cat furniture, AND THE LIST GOES ON...


1510 E. Miles St. - Miles and Vine - between Cherry and Highland just south of Broadway.

8 a.m. - 4 p.m. TOMORROW, Saturday February 7!

1/8/09 09:19 pm - Poetry Thursday - Sonia Sanchez "To P.J."

To P.J. (2 yrs old who sed write

a poem for me in Portland, Oregon)

if i cud ever write a

poem as beautiful as u

little 2/yr/old/brotha,

I wud laugh, jump, leap

up and touch the stars

cuz u be the poem i try for

each time i pick up a pen and paper.

u. and Morani and Mungu

be our blue/blk/stars that

will shine on our lives and

makes us finally BE.

if i cud ever write a poem as beautiful

as u, little 2/yr/old/brotha,

poetry wud go out of bizness.
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